Investment and Trading Ideas

Our value-quality PH Score model is an accounting-based performance metric-based strategy. The model is important as a useful tool/starting point to uncover opportunities and prospective portfolio candidates which -with all its subtleties- we appreciate is a rigorous process. We are too humble and experienced to blow our own trumpet!

The PH Score is trademarked and back tested for Developed and Emerging Markets. The model generates a high Qspread return and information coefficient. We supply succinct value-added ideas on top decile opportunities by drilling into detail in order to generate alpha and support investor decision-making. We add value through experience and context. You gain access to our views by regular telephone, email, Zoom, and face-to-face contact. Our business model is based on adding value through interaction.


✔ Quantamental-driven Investment Ideas

✔ Alpha-generated Opportunity

✔ Models and Valuation

✔ Deep Due Diligence and Specialist Insight

✔ Written and Verbal Communication

✔ Network Access

✔ One-to-one Interaction


CP Flagship Quantamental Bank Product Services

  • Quarterly Cutting-Edge Analysis from our proprietary PH bank model.
  • Extensive and thorough Global Coverage.
  • Focus on Change and Fundamental momentum of listed bank shares within a Value-Quality System.
  • Pinpointing Long/Short and/or Long Only Opportunities.
  • Specific jurisdiction or individual bank analysis.
  • Specific matters related to Technology, Regulation, Policymaking worldwide plus varied topics spanning the Banking Universe.
  • Regular (unlimited) contact and access by email, telephone, Zoom, and/or face-to-face meetings.
  • Network Access

CP Quantamental Trade Idea Generation


  • Pinpointing Long/Short and/or Long Only Opportunities. This includes provision of alpha-generated share opportunities across global bourses pinpointed by Creative Portfolios on a regular basis. 
  • Pinpointing specific bank share opportunities across jurisdictions: USA Service, UK Service, EUROPE Service, JAPAN Service, ASIA excl. JAPAN Service, LATAM Service, and EM Service.
  • Regular (unlimited) contact and access by email, telephone, Zoom, and/or face-to-face meetings.
  • Earnings-driven Investment Ideas -standardised unexpected earnings.
  • Fundamental, Momentum, and Technical fusion of opportunity and risk.