Thoughts on Asia

Thoughts on Asia

China now has 89 unicorns (unlisted start-ups with a valuation of more than US$1 billion) - about one-third of the world's total number, and they are worth allegedly a combined US$350 billion.

Shanghai and Beijing: There are some 50 daily flights between Shanghai and Beijing every day - and they are 1318 km apart. There are about 50 express train journeys daily too that complete the journey in under 4.5 hours.

Most Asian countries have an external debt-to-GDP ratio of less than 50% versus some Western nations at 300%.

Combined, China and India now account for 8% of the global service trade.

Asian households typically save 20-30% of income vs 5-10% in the West.

The share of intra-regional trade amongst Asian countries has increased to 57%.

China produces some 4.7 million STEM graduates each year and India about 2.6 million.

In terms of Global Competitiveness,  out of 137 countries, Singapore is the 3rd highest, while Hong Kong is ranked 6th, Taiwan 15th, China 27th, Thailand 32nd, Indonesia 36th, and India 40th.

India and China have by economic output on purchasing power parity, a combined GDP of US$33 trillion which is 50% larger than either the US or the EU.